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Copyright Ruchet Stone

A Portlander decided he would take his son to Weymouth

He went to Weymouth. Foreign parts.

That place cross tother side

Of Ferry Bridge. Where England is.

Where strangers come and bide.

He took his “Nipper” for a treat.

He likes a ride on bus.

He likes to play on Weymouth sands

Where he will cause no fuss.

When it was time to come on back

To their own native land.

They off to find a telephone.

The nearest one to hand.

Twas one o’ they new-vangled things.

They couldn’t vind narn slot

To put the ten piece penny in.

Not even bowl or pot.

“Thurs got to be un zomewhere yer”

Said he “Now where’s it to?

If this was in a toilet place,

We’d zoon be in a stew”.

Said nipper “Use the other phone.

It got a slot on he”

They did. Then back to t’other un.

To solve the mystery

The answer was a simple one.

Though you might find it hard.

To understand. Because you see,

You paid with piece of card!!!

©Ruchet Stone

1950/60’ s


This book has been compiled from works donated to the Heritage Trust over the years, together with poems kindly donated by some of Portland's favourite poets.

Sadly some of these are no longer with us, but we are very grateful to their families for allowing us to include some of their works in this publication. We are also pleased to be able to include many previously unpublished works, which we hope you will enjoy reading.

The copyright of each of the poems included in this publication remains the property of the individual authors.

All profits from the sale of this book will go to the Island of Portland Heritage Trust for the upkeep of the beautiful, Grade II listed buildings formerly known as St George's School, which are now known as St Georges Centre, in Reforne.